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It has been so rainy and dreary here in Memphis lately. Outside my window the rain is really pouring down, which on any other day I wouldn’t quite mind. Considering the winter weather and ice though, I’m ready for some sunshine. Since I can’t get it in real life at the moment, I decided to make a Good Mood board to keep my spirits up! I’ve been stuck inside with a toddler for nearly a week, cabin fever is at an all time high, so here’s to sunny vibes and the mood it emanates!

1. Free People Blog
2. Automatte
3. Pinterest
4. Generalstussner
5. Kate Endle
6. Apartment Therapy
7. Ben Neumann
8. Valerie Lorimer
9. Pinterest
10. Adam Noonan
11. Midio
12. Robert Louis Stevenson

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Good Mood Board :: Light & Bright

light and bright


Image Sources (Starting top left):
1. Elizabeth Ann Designs
2. Annie’s Annuals and Perennials;
3. Design Improvised
4. Brit + Co
5. Just Decorate
6. Design Mom
7. Swirly Doos
8. Margaret Berg Art
9. The Baker Chick

Please note, I make a sincere attempt to credit the appropriate source for all images not created by me. If you see an image that does not have the proper credit, please shoot me an email at, and I will fix it asap!

Create a Morning Routine for a Peace Filled Day

morning routine2

How you start your day is really important. If actually putting some thought into the structure of your morning seems odd to you, think again. The way you manage the first quarter of your day can and does effect the remaining time you’re awake. It’s like setting the tone, aligning yourself with the good vibes to be had. In my household, a crappy morning can have a painful snow ball effect.

I was completely inspired by a post over on Playtivities which cleverly describes a few hacks for stay at home moms to make mornings with a toddler easier. I loved her idea for using essential oils first thing in the AM! That is brilliant, one I may try out. Even creating a morning wake up kit for your bedside table would make this easier (ex. essential oil with an inspiring quote).

If you already have an existing morning routine or you’re looking to begin one, I’ve listed a few things that have worked for my mornings. At times I forget to incorporate one thing or another, but nearly everything listed below makes it into my routine at least once a week. Others I do every single day. Most importantly, routines are personal. What works for me may not work for you at all. This is about kick starting your day and your energy with good vibe, so don’t be rigid if you forget something or if you have a morning that does not go as planned!

number 1

Wake Up Grateful

The first thing I do, sometimes before I even open my eyes, is express gratitude. I don’t do this out loud, but say at minimum 4 things that I am grateful for in my head. Some mornings I immediately think of creative things, and other heartfelt thoughts are a bit more blah, “I’m thankful for hairdryers”. This isn’t about coming up with what we thing are good answers, this is about resonating with gratitude.


Ahhh, to wake up early and meditate! To be totally transparent here, I am really awful about actually doing this. So this is both a suggestion to you and to me. At one point I was waking every single morning, jumping right into meditation before I did anything. It’s a tremendous soul nurturing practice to take up! We’re not talking a long time, 10-15 minutes will do the trick to start out.


Enough said. I have to have my coffee. Even if you are a tea drinker, now’s the time to enjoy a warm cup. There’s something so sensational about sitting in a comfortable chair, in a quiet room, with a warm mug in your hands. I have a favorite cup that I use nearly every morning. It has the sweet reminder “You are Magical” right on the front. There’s even a pink winged unicorn hiding inside!


Please attempt to do this! Even if you feel totally ridiculous, try to laugh. My absolute favorite mornings are ones when my husband walks out the door with us both laughing. There is a noticeable difference when we laugh in the mornings as opposed to falling in a funk and getting snappy. It most definitely carries the day.

Set Daily Intentions

We know that intention is powerful. What we stay, think, feel, has a big hand in creating what it is we experience. By simply stating what we would like our day to look like, we’re already manifesting great things. Do this either right when you wake up, or together with your partner/spouse. My husband and I did this every morning for a while and it was actually pretty awesome. We just said a few words about what we wanted our day to look like, and in turn supported & reminded the other when one of us got off track.

Get Some Work Done

Early morning hours are one of my favorite times to get work done. After the husband is out the door, I whip out my laptop and start working! I generally have an hour (sometimes two) before my son wakes up, and I find that riding out my coffee buzz by completing graphic projects or writing web posts works for me. I clear up the rest of my day for other things like outings, errand running, list checking, playing with the little guy, and so on. I didn’t realize my most productive hours were around 6:30am until I sat down to work at that time several years ago. Now it’s my favorite time to check things off my to-do list.

number 7

Make the Bed

Every. Single. Morning. I know I sound like your mother, but really it’s a wonderful way to kick start your day. I make our bed every day, it’s one of my favorite things to do. May sound silly, but for some reason it makes me happy to walk into the room knowing I have a bed that is made just the way I like it.

number 8

Freshen Up

Don’t get me wrong. I love staying in my pajamas all day with hair sticking straight up and not a spot of makeup. If anyone knows how to make a no-shower stink-tastic weekend work, it’s me. My mother and sister do the same. Yet for folks who work from home, freshening up in the AM can boost our productivity. Even if you’re not really going anywhere, just get yourself together. It sort of has the same effect as making the bed, you are put together & feel ready to tackle something. Plus, you wont get the occasional whiff of yourself…

number 9

Have a Jam Session

Now I am a morning person. I love waking up to a brand new day! My mom tells me that as a child she knew I was awake because I would sit in my bed singing! So what a better way to celebrate a new day than with music? I have some favorite tunes for specific things, but many mornings I love to add some jams as a soundtrack to my routine. Certain tracks pair well with working while others pair well with cleaning up. Either way, a sunrise sing-along makes my day rock.

number 10

Go With the Flow

To expect every day to be the same would be ridiculous. Life is fluid so we ‘gotta flow. Acknowledging that some mornings may not fit the routine is important. Perhaps you oversleep? Maybe your spouse/partner is a total jerk? Maybe the kids wake up early? Sometimes my son gets up at 6:30am with me, and I loose out on those precious hours of alone time. Resisting this change wont help anything. Remember to go with the flow when your routine is disrupted.

Peaceful days start with peace filled mornings. Try incorporating a morning routine or add a few of these tips to what you already do. If you already have a groovy morning routine, feel free to share in the comments. Either way, spice up your mornings with some good vibes & see how it effects your day when you do!

New Year! New Look! New Name! New Rocks!

new site

New Year! New Look! New Name! New Rocks!

new site

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy new site! Happy all around!

I can’t think of a better time to talk about the new look than today, the day after the electrically charged Aquarian New Moon, and the Chinese New Year! The whole site has been overhauled! I’m back on track and so ready to share. I am so excited to have the new site structure nearly complete. I’m still working on many of the graphics and several categories and pages, so thank you for baring with me while I continue to renovate things!

I welcome all the new visitors as well as my followers who have been with me from the start. Many of you have found me from Pinterest through some of my favorite old DIY’s posted back in 2012, back when the blog was called Peace Love Waterbeds. Others may have located the site by clicking into a few astrological articles when I ran my online store, 12th House. You will still see evidence of both blogs lingering around on the site, tagged by a PLW, out-dated graphics or a little house. However I adore these posts, and really appreciate where I was at the time of my sharing.

Either way, I am seriously glad to have you here and can’t wait to share more through Live the Peace! Looking forward to it!


hallie name


Magical Artist Trade Between Faraway Friends

nichole ryan 1

Magical Artists Trade Between Faraway Friends

Artwork by Nichole Lillian Ryan

It’s hard to remember how I first discovered the enchanting and whimsical work of Detroit based artist Nichole Lillian Ryan. Her magical polymer clay creations and sweet illustrations are detailed, light hearted, and just special. From the first few photos I saw, I couldn’t help but be transported back to childhood memories of make believe play with my older sister. Any artist that can remind me of the sweetest moments of my childhood is an instant favorite.

My favorite methods are traditional and tiny. There is something special about working with my hands sculpting clay, dipping the paintbrush into the paint, or putting the pen to paper. My creations are truly one of a kind. I’ve always been fond of small trinkets and tiny collectibles, something about them is special that draws me to them, so it’s no surprise that I enjoy the challenge of creating a big personality in something so small in my own work. – Nichole Lillian Ryan

My package from Nichole

After stalking her Facebook page, liking all her posts, and swooning over her artwork, I decided to order one of her Polymer Clay Creations. A tiny one of a kind Red Panda with the night sky painted on her belly. I have since named her Lillian (after the artist of course). When Lillian arrived in the mail, she wasn’t alone! Nichole was thoughtful enough to include some stickers of her illustrations, a wacky pin that I love, and a small little drawing of a Wee Beast she created. Honestly, it was like a little box of happy arrived on my doorstep that day! I seriously squealed when I opened the box!

One of Nichole’s creations, a fox, her mascot

As if it could get any better, Nichole also is an insanely talented illustrator. Her drawings and illustrations are so unique, like little magical worlds where anything is possible. Honestly, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite illustration. You can view a gallery of her drawings by following the links at the end of this post. She has such a distinct style that is bound to bring out the carefree kid in all of us. Artwork that pulls at your heartstrings is really special.

Illustration – Find it on Red Bubble

My girl crush on this artist reached a whole new level after receiving her package in the mail! I was drawn to find her on other Social Media outlets like Pinterest and Instagram, where Nichole was then able to discover the art that I create – my talismans. We realized that each of us are both strongly influenced by the animal kingdom. It is the basis for nearly all of Nichole’s work, while I connect with the animal kingdom via Shamanic Journeying to create custom talismans. After a few back and forth conversations via email, we discovered that each of us wanted a piece of the other’s work. Nichole was interested in a custom talisman, and I wanted a Tiny Totem created of my female Badger power animal. With that, the artists trade was born along with a sweet friendship that I don’t think either of us expected. Now I have a super cool new long distance friend and Pen Pal!

Black Bear Tiny Totem – Made to Order

I have been interested in posting about my artistic process when making my custom Talismans, so throughout the coming weeks I will use the blog to detail my journey of making Nichole’s talisman. A big part of my creative process for custom Talismans is taking a Shamanic Journey to meet the client’s primary animal guide at the time, and I do this by using the assistance of one of my animal guides, the Badger. So for me to actually receive a custom Tiny Totem from Nichole will be one of the greatest gifts I could give myself!

I’m really looking forward to this project, and to my growing friendship with such a unique person like Nichole. I highly encourage anyone who works with animal guides, has a favorite animal, or just loves whimsical artwork to visit her website. I will be getting tiny totems for all of my family members, they make such sweet one of a kind gifts!

Stay tuned for the coming weeks for posts about my Artists Trade with Nichole. Find Nichole’s website, social media pages, and purchase her work by following the links below:

Nichole’s Website:

Follow her on Social Media:




Purchase her Artwork:

Red Bubble

Nichole’s Shop

Nichole’s Tiny Totem Packaging

The Zodiac Orbit



By recognizing how often the planets rotate around the zodiac chart, we have a better understanding of their impact during transits, in our natal charts, and on generations. Based on their rotation, each planet will stay in a specific sign for a certain amount of time. The outer planets for example, will remain in a sign for a much longer period of time while personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Moon, etc) will move through the signs at a much faster rate. It can be said that the effects of the personal planets are more controllable than the effects of outer planets.

Personal Planets:






Outer Planets






solar-system-planets-art-wallpaper-1920x1200Lets Get Personal

So what makes personal planets so personal and the outer planets less so? Their orbit, their energies, and their symbolic nature. The Sun for example represents the Self, what gets more personal than that? Venus represents our relationship style, attachments, finances and money, our interests, and what brings us pleasure. In my opinion the Moon is one of the most personal planetary bodies of all. It represents our emotional nature. Through the Moon we venture into our subconscious and greet the feminine. The Moon itself does not emit it’s own light, instead reflecting the light of the sun. Therefore it is a reflective and receptive sign, full of intuition.

Planets like Neptune and Pluto are generational. You will share the same Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto sign as most people in your age range. The effects of these planets can be felt on a personal level when aspects (trines, squares, conjunctions, etc) are created with personal planets in your natal chart or when they transit certain houses. For example, when Uranus transits your natal 7th House, this can often bring swift changes to relationships (7th House rulership).

Orbital Chart

Here is a breakdown of the planets and their orbits through the zodiac. This will tell you how long it takes a planet to rotate around the zodiac and how long a planet will remain in each sign.

This Too Shall Pass

Some planetary transits are much more challenging than others. Most novice astrology students have heard about the dreaded Saturn Return, when the planet returns to the sign it inhabited in your natal chart. Saturn is known to be the great Karmic teacher, and often pulls the rug out from under us. Occurring in our late twenties, a Saturn return will make you heavily re-evaluate your direction in life. You will most certainly reap the consequences of any skeletons in your psychic closet. This transit thankfully only lasts about two and a half years. In astrology the phrase “this too shall pass” always applies!

OrbitCurrent Planet Positions

If you are ever curious about which house or sign a planet is transiting, check out Planet Watcher. This website gives you a really great interactive look at the current planetary transits. You can rewind or forward the chart to a specific date. I find rewinding the chart to certain important periods in my life has helped me understand how the planets operate. For example, my sister is going to be getting married around the first week of January 2014. I was curious to see what was happening in her 7th House around that time, so I forwarded the site to her possible wedding date. Saturn (contracts, long term commitments) just so happens to be transiting over her 7th House Cusp. Cusps are powerful points on our charts, and the 7th House Cusp is all about relationships and partnerships. I encourage you to rewind to a birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc. in your life, and take a look at what the planets were doing. This is a great learning tool.

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Scorpio


“Yay though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, I will fear no evil.”

There is quite a conjunction between the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and North Node of the moon today. All of the planets/energies are in alignment in the natural 8th house ruled by Scorpio. Dependent upon your rising sign, these planets will create an alignment in a specific house in your natal chart. This is where the effects will be felt in your own life. This is where transformation MUST take place in your own life. Remember, the planets, signs and houses are metaphors for our own lives. They mirror inner and outer transformations.

More About Scorpio

Scorpio By Daniel Ramirez Perez

Scorpio has three symbols – the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix. I will use the words of Isabel Hickey to explain the three: “(Scorpio) is the only sign which is given three symbols indicative of the tests that embrace the three-fold personality. Mental, emotional and physical levels are all involved. The Scorpion is the lowest symbol of the sign who, rather than forego the pleasure of stinging, will sting himself to death; the Eagle, symbol of the bird that can fly closer to the Sun (spirit) than any other; and the phoenix bird resurrected from the ashes of the dead self.”

Scorpio is an introverted water sign. It is intense and deep, emotional and not to be controlled. It is the ruler of the 8th House of astrology, the house which rules both real and symbolic deaths, degeneration, regeneration, transformation, and the expansion of viewpoint attained through these means. The dwarf planet, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is the commander of this sign. Pluto often forces us upon a journey of our own “shadow of death”. This can be painful, it can be subtle, but a new viewpoint will be attained through the process. With Saturn in the mix, this can often feel like we are being we are being put under intense pressure. Where the planet Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts & restricts. Saturn shows us our weaknesses, so we can understand them. This is illuminated so we can CHANGE.

The Tower

The Tower – Tarot Card – Major Arcana

However, the co-ruler of Scorpio is the planet Mars. Prior to the dwarf planet Pluto’s discovery, Mars was (and still is) the ruler of this sign & house. The firey war like energy of Mars can often sweep in and destroy what we’ve become comfortable with. During this transit, you may suddenly become conscious or enlightened (the sun) of old patterns that have become like second nature to us. Things we have continued to “put up with”, things that really aren’t doing us any favors, ways of handling situations that really just aren’t working anymore. We become conscious of this because it’s time to do something about it – something different. Like the fire that sweeps through a forest, destroying what has grown, the energy of Mars/Scorpio will sweep in and destroy old beliefs, old patterns, old roots that are deep within us. The tarot card that is related to this process is The Tower. This is necessary for personal growth.

8th House of Astrology – Ruled by Scorpio

New Moon & Solar Eclipse

A new moon is the beginning of a cycle. In alignment with the Sun, our emotions are in alignment with our will. The Sun represents our “will to be”. When our emotions support our will, a beautiful dance occurs where our inner impulses work FOR us not AGAINST us. We trust our intuition more easily. We greet our Higher Self with the knowledge that the darkest and deepest parts are part of our whole. We are encouraged to embrace our own “Shadow of Death”. The moon is symbolic of the Shadow Side of our psyche. The Shadow, according to Carl Jung, “tends to consist predominantly of the primitive, negative, socially or religiously depreciated human emotions and impulses like sexual lust, power strivings, selfishness, greed, envy, anger or rage, and due to its unenlightened nature, completely obscured from consciousness” (Psychology Today). Scorpio is a gateway to the Shadow and this underworld. Pluto rules this Underworld, the depths of our psyche. Scorpio also rules Sexuality, Sex, and the sexual organs, all Shadow traits.

Loui Jover - Deep Rooted Inside
Loui Jover – Deep Rooted Inside

Digging Up Roots

Yesterday, I ventured out into my yard to pull weeds from my flower bed. As I was pulling out the weeds I couldn’t help but think about how weeds come back again and again. If you don’t completely uproot them, they continue to come back. Sometimes you will return to your yard and realize that within a few days your beds are again covered! I had to dig deep into the soil, and pull out some far rooted plants so that they wouldn’t continue to regenerate. As I did this, I realized how perfect a metaphor this idea of “up rooting” is for this current transit. Our traumas, secrets, shadow aspects are rooted deep into our psyche. Our emotional patterns are often unknown to us, deep within the dark soil of our subconscious. We don’t realize the insanity we are fostering, and it is no one’s fault but our own. Eventually you have to stop nourishing the psychic and emotional weeds that have been stealing energy from you. Often, it takes situations which “up root” our lives to transform these changes for a better point of view. A new perspective is attained. Remember, the Eagle is one of the symbols of Scorpio. Eagles have keen vision, soaring high above the Earth. They can spot the smallest thing on the ground when hunting. They represent this new point of view, the viewpoint of our Highest Self.

The Phoenix Rises

Phoenix ♥ the little drawing in the right corner is fantastic!The Phoenix rises from the ashes – the Lotus blooms from the muddy waters. To greet these things, ashes and mud must exist. Embrace what has or is crumbling. What new perspective will be gained? I guarantee it will be something you least expect, and you will welcome it like the sunrise after a dark night. <3

Many Blessings for you,


DIY :: Make Your Own Bun Chains & Accessories

bun chain 5

Well gals, my post about Bunning yesterday really got my DIY wheels turning. After coming across this incredibly great trend of bun chains aka bun accessories/jewelry, I realized just how easy this would be to make myself. I also saw opportunity to change up the chain for other sweet beats, ribbons, etc.

So here, my latest DIY, I show you step by step how easy it is to create this look at home for the low low. I’ll even show you how to create interchangeable bun accessories, the possibilities are endless!

:: The Inspiration ::

I spotted this trend on Pinterest while browsing bun images and immediately fell in love. Anyone who makes their own jewelry can easily spot an easy to make necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. Bun Chains however, this would be a cinch! Here’s my favorite part: Asos sells a Bun Chain for $17.50. That is crazy, considering I just whipped up two Bun Chains for probably less than $5. Plus, you can tell other girls you made it yourself! That is always fun!

:: My Version ::

I wanted to create a bun chain that was small and easy to wear. Something I could wear to work but also wear out on the town, without feeling too “rocker”, “club” or “trendy”. So I opted for a smaller chain. The beauty of this DIY, is that you can make yours look any way you like, with any length you like. I like the idea of using a jump ring, as it allows you to make several Hair Accessories, which can easily be connected to Bobby Pins.

:: Tools ::

All of these can be purchased at your local craft store. If you don’t already make jewelry, I HIGHLY reccomend you just keep these items on hand anyway. This is a great go-to kit for repairing broken costume jewelry. I have repaired and reshaped many a necklace this way!

Jewelry Making Chain – This can easily be purchased at Michael’s. I had an old roll of Silver Chain in my jewelry kit already

Jewelry making Pliers – I use my own pliers for jewelry making, however you can honestly use any old pliers you have around home.

Stringing Wire Nippers or End Cutting Nippers – Either of these tools will work to cut a soft metal chain.

Two Bobby Pins – This is pretty self explanatory. I try to purchase ones that match my hair color.

Two Jump Rings – Jump rings can be purchased in packs in the jewelry making aisle of any craft store. They are small metal circles often found at the ends of necklaces or used to make connections. Make sure you buy jump rings that come with a small “slit” or spot where you can pry open the ring.

Confused? Check out Fire Mountain Gems Jewelry Making Tools resource page, and other awesome resources for novice jewelers.

:: The How To ::

Step 1 – Measure and Cut Your Chain

I started with my longest piece since I was doing a tiered bun chain. My first piece of chain was 5.5in and I dropped down 1in each time. So the next piece of chain was 4.5in and the last was 3.5in. Really, the lengths of these are up to you! Mix up different types of chain for a really cool look, use more layers, etc.

Step 2 – Pry Open the Jump Ring

So this step might be a little tricky for a novice jewelry maker, however once you get it down it’s easy. All Jump Rings are made with a small “slit” which allows you You will need to position one half of the Jump Ring inside of your pliers, and use your thumb as leverage to open the ring. You want your pliers to grab hold of enough of the Jump Ring so that creating this leverage is easy on your fingers. If you happen to have two pliers (like moi), you can use your second set of pliers instead of your thumb.

Step 3 – String your Chains

Now that your jump ring is open, you want to string your chains onto the jump ring. Make sure you do it in the following order: Longest chain first, second longest, then shortest chain. This will ensure you have a nice “fan” effect, and your chain will lay nicely under your bun. Once all of the chains are on the jump ring, close the jump ring using the same technique as you did to open it. Just move your pliers and thumb in the opposite direction.

You’ll want to follow the same steps to string your chains onto the second jump ring, making sure you string longest to shortest. However, if you want to create a really neat criss cross effect, you could probably change up the order in this step. Make sure you close your second jump ring, so the chain doesn’t fall off.

Step 4 – Add the Bobby Pins

Ok this is the easiest part. Slide the Jump Rings onto your Bobby Pin. Be sure when you do this, that each Bobby Pin is facing the same way, ridges side up. This makes a difference when sticking the pins in your bun. By using the jump rings, you can create several different interchangeable bun chains, using whatever Bobby Pins you have around.

:: The Finished Product ::

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of obsessed with this look. This is certainly THE way to spice up an otherwise bland bun. Go crazy and make a lot of these! I can’t wait to see what else I come up with!

Get Creative!

I was so excited that I made my first Bun Chain, I decided to sort of make a Bun Bracelet using some sparkly clear beads I had leftover. In the photo it’s hard to see the sparkle, but it definitely catches the light. It is quite an unexpected yet sweet addition to a bun. I basically took some small jewelry string, tied one end to a jump ring, added a bit of super glue to ensure my knot would hold, strung the beads on, and closed the other end off by tying the other end of the string to the other jump ring.



At my office, I have many nicknames, one of which is “bun girl”. I earned this one for keeping a bun always in my hair-do rotation. I wear a bun at least once a week because, let’s face it, it’s one of the BEST ways to deal with bad hair days. I also have extremely long hair, and definitely don’t wash it daily. Doing so would cause dried out tangles and split ends. Buns are a great way to manage day 2 or day 3 of my no-wash cycle.

BunOne day at work, I passed by a co-workers cube and noticed we both were sporting buns. After discussing our reasons for loving a bun, this always effervescent and witty co-worker of mine coined the term “Bunning”. It became a thing for us. If one of us was sporting a bun one day, we’d shout “Bunning!” instead of “Hello how are you?”. If Charlie Sheen had long hair, he’d be all over this.

To me, buns are one of the most versatile hairstyles. You can add a braid, make it messy, keep it high and tight, or play around with twists and curls. Bunning is much more satisfying in the fall, paired with a big infinity scarf and large hoop earrings. Plus, I really don’t know how I’d get through a yoga practice without a bun. Ok, is it obvious I love buns?


One of my favorite Bunning tips when dealing with day 2 or 3 post wash hair, is baby powder. Skip the expensive stuff, Johnson and Johnson works just as great! If you are anything like me, and have an oily hairline, powdering will help stretch the time between washes. It keeps your hair healthy and reduces shine. I always powder my hairline when Bunning, then run the blow dryer on it even if my hair wasn’t wet. Later this week – perhaps this weekend if I have time – I’ll do a step by step for how I achieve my perfect between wash bun.

A simple bun can be changed up easily. Try a low bun instead of the trendy top o’ the head buns, for a classic & office friendly look. On the weekend, plop that sucker right on top of your head with some Jackie O shades, tease it up too for extra Bunning volume.

Simple casual but classy bun hairstyle

I think my favorite thing about Bunning would have to be what it showcases. Wearing your hair up not only drops some time off your get ready routine, it brings out your eyes, shows off your jawline, and flatters your delicate neck and shoulders. I find wearing longer “statement” earrings easier with an updo. Long gone are the days of librarian buns! Bunning is easy and sexy!

A really interesting trend that I have seen is hair jewelry (see the photo below), where you add a few chains. Perhaps that can be a really cool way to jazz up your bun on a night out. I would love to try that. If you make jewelry, this could probably be easily achieved with some hair clips, jewelry chain, and o-rings. That would make a great DIY!

Hair accessories

However, with all the fun bun trends, there’s one I’m having a hard time with. Bows under buns. Really, bows in anyone’s hair over the age of oh, 16, is really weird to me. No offense if this is your favorite new thing – heck rock it if you love it! I just don’t think I could, or would, wear a bow in my hair.

Pull your hair back in this lovely twisted low bun.

I hope, if you’ve got the length to do it, you’re inspired to start Bunning too! Always remember just how friggin’ gorgeous you actually are!


12th House

Gypsy Inspiration


“It is impossible to imagine a more complete fusion with nature than that of the Gypsy.”

Franz Liszt

There  is something magical and mysterious about gypsy style. It’s about layers, patterns, colors, collections, mystique, being both delicate and enchanting. Perhaps it is the aura that the old gypsy archetype carries, that magical things still exist around us and within us. They are travelers, free spirits, and yet old grounded souls.

I gathered some images that have really inspired me on this lovely Tuesday evening. Perhaps they will inspire you as well, and remind you that every moment is filled with mystery.

Gypsy style

crystal ball


Waking the Wild Woman -- Kara McKay (Business Heroine Magazine) xoxoxo <3


This makes me think of me and my freinds.

Runaway Gypsy

Eye For Design: Decorating Gypsy Chic Style

Gypsy reading

Never forget your own magic,

12th House